The smartest founders are those who experiment, rather than taking shots in the dark.

We approach the design of new propositions as an experiment.
Identifying the assumptions informing our  hypothesis
Testing our hypothesis with real customers and adapting it based on results
Mitigating risk through an iterative approach to building

What we bring to the table.

Extensive experience

Our Venture team thrives in the ambiguity and complexity of early-stage ideas, and has the track record to prove it.

Customer-led approach

We help ventures solve real-world problems. This requires a rigorous understanding of customers, delivered through dynamic, empathetic research methods.

Venture-first ethos

Our guiding philosophy is to always do what is best for the venture. This is embedded in our decision making and visible in our results.

Steps we take to crystallise your idea into a scalable opportunity.

Step 1
Discovery workshop
We start our journey together with a collaborative workshop that aims to unpack the current understanding of your idea, the market, and the competitive landscape.
Step 2
Customer research
Our Venture team gets to work leveraging our favourite research methods to ensure that we build and document a thorough understanding of your customer and their needs, relevant to your idea.
Step 3
Value proposition design
Based off of this research, we evaluate the feasibility of your value proposition by unpacking components such as a go-to-market strategy, costs and revenue, required resources, and customer personas.
Step 4
Experimentation strategy
We do the work to understand the knowns and unknowns around this newly formed value proposition. The result is an experimentation strategy that, when executed, will confirm if we're pursuing the right path for the demand and scalability of your idea.
Step 5
Data gathering
We execute our experimentation strategy and measure the validity of each assumption with your target customers. As we move through each experiment, you’ll get the insights needed to make an informed decision to retire, pivot, or pursue your proposition.

Get to know the team you’d work with.

Thijan Dippenaar
Thijan Dippenaar
Director of Delta Accelerate
“Our team of Venture Architects strive to help founders design high-quality, customer-led propositions that solve real-world problems. With a lean mindset, we anchor ourselves in always doing what is best for the venture.”
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