Our philosophies for a strong product strategy.

Problems matter more than features.

If you can't solve problems for your customers, no amount of features will result in success. So how do we go about truly solving problems for your customers? By understanding them better than anyone else.

Understand first, execute second.

Products miss the mark by leaping into a solution based on assumptions. This high-risk route can lead to lost time, money, and customers. We believe in mitigating risk by understanding the problem back to front, before building a single feature.

Always circle back to your objectives.

Without a clear focus on objectives, your product development will be directionless and ineffective. Mapping your product back to your objectives is the key to ensuring that your time and resources are being invested in the right areas.

An end-to-end partner for building a successful product.

Product discovery & strategy
This workshop-driven step is a deep dive into your product, objectives, value proposition and the features you would like to see included in your launch. Using findings from these workshops, we then deliver a recommended strategy and costing on what we believe is the best route to building out your idea.
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Product design
Guided by your product strategy, objectives, and roadmap, our team of product designers, UI designers, and technical product managers, collaborate to deliver a detailed user and technical specification of your product.
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Product development
Run using agile methodology, our full-stack development team receives your product specifications and maps them against two-week sprints (cycles) where we will aim to develop and deliver a new piece of the product every two weeks. 
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Tried and tested steps we take to create a bulletproof product strategy.

Step 1
Business strategy alignment workshop
This initial 2-hour workshop brings us together to understand and roadmap your 3, 6, and 12 month goals for your venture.
Step 2
Product audit
If you have an existing product, our team dives into the deep end of your analytics, backlog, and product management practices.
Step 3
Product strategy workshop
We use this workshop to map our discoveries against realistic and sound objectives for your product development plan. We define a 3-month roadmap and action plan.
Step 4
Finalised product strategy
Our team condenses the findings and conclusions from your workshops into a comprehensive strategy report and costing for what we believe is the best route to building your product.
Thijan Dippenaar
Thijan Dippenaar
Director of Delta Accelerate
“Building a great product isn't easy. We work hard to understand your business, customers, and the competitive landscape so that we can design an effective strategy for your product's rollout.”

Craft a product strategy that grows with your business.

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