How we design products for long-term impact.

Informed design

Our design is firmly integrated with and informed by your product strategy, with a strong focus on competitor, market, and customer data.

Frictionless UX

Our goal is to keep users engaged and satisfied with your product.  We address the various factors that contribute to a good user experience in order to create a product that is both visually appealing and easy to use.

Vigilant user testing

User testing is an essential component of our design process. With frequent testing, we can catch flaws and make necessary adjustments before releasing your product to the public.

The design process

Step 1
Research & ideation
Informed by your value proposition, product strategy, and selected research methods, we design ideal user flows and create an information architecture that underpins the wireframes for your product design.
Step 2
Wireframing & prototyping
We design wireframes to represent your product’s screens based upon the approved user flows and information architecture.

A prototype is then generated from your wireframes to simulate an interactive, test-ready product.
Step 3
User testing
We use your design prototype to conduct rounds of testing with real users, collecting insights and feedback that inform iterations and ensure that only optimal flows and screen layouts move forward into UI design.
Step 4
Finalised product strategy
Lastly, your brand identity and look-and-feel is applied to the approved wireframes, resulting in a compelling design, ready to be built.
Alvin Finnemore Head of UI Design
Alving Finnemore
Head of UI Design
“Product design requires quick thinking and ever-evolving rapid changes to hit the mark. We don’t loiter and our teams have adopted a mindset that allows us to make changes quickly and efficiently.”

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