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From successful MVP to onboarding industry-leading clients – we took the journey with the Yazi team.
Market Research
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Yazi performs market research using surveys delivered via WhatsApp, the app with the highest penetration rate in South Africa. Participants from anywhere in South Africa are enabled to earn an income for giving feedback. All on WhatsApp.

The problem
Yazi is up against an age-old industry where client contracts have been in place for decades. As the underdog, the team needed to validate that Yazi's service could be faster, cheaper, and give access to previously inaccessible users. Accessing those first few clients was critical to test, learn and iterate.
The solution

Our goal was to build a low-cost, no-code MVP to validate the value proposition. The MVP was successfully built to deliver survey insights from customers using WhatsApp, while a low-cost acquisition strategy was put into effect to acquire client companies. We leveraged digital marketing channels and implemented a rewards-based referral programme to onboard survey participants through WhatsApp.

Since the launch of the MVP in May 2021, the venture has achieved the R265,000 in revenue, 10 clients, and 12,000 survey participants.
Tim Treagus
Founder | Yazi
“Working with The Delta enabled Yazi to leap months ahead of its solo trajectory. Our product would not be where it is without the Delta. The same for our revenue.”
Next steps
The success of the MVP provided the validation to build a scalable system that isn’t dependant on human labour. We are currently in the process of developing the platform.

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