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A low-code POC success story, we collaborated with the WorkWeek team to design an innovative product solution in an often neglected market.
South Africa
Scope of work

Value proposition design

POC development

Brand identity design

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WorkWeek is a South African based HRTech startup. They offer a time tracking and attendance application that allows companies with blue-collar employees to clock time on-site without the need for paper timesheets or expensive biometric systems. Time records are recorded on a payroll dashboard where wages are automatically calculated. WorkWeek increases the speed and accuracy of wage calculations, while easily integrating into a company's payroll system.

The problem
At the start of their journey, the WorkWeek team knew of an existing problem in the SMME space – being the cumbersome task of time tracking for on-site blue-collar employees – but needed to strategise, design, and test a product solution. They partnered with The Delta in this early ideation phase to receive on-hand expertise to build and test their POC.
The solution

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the specific challenges faced by our target users, we conducted extensive on-site research. This helped inform our overall product strategy and development roadmap. Utilising Retool, a low-code application, we were able to quickly develop a proof of concept MVP that included the core time tracking functionality. This allowed us to test the product with real users and gather valuable feedback. Based on the results of these initial tests, we further refined and developed the product, incorporating a low-code build that enabled employees to clock in and out of work using a selfie. This feature also allowed us to automatically calculate wages and hours worked, streamlining the process for both employees and managers.

After collaborating with our teams to establish a strong brand identity, develop a marketing website, and create sales collateral, the WorkWeek team was able to effectively build an initial customer base through a combination of in-person events, targeted email outreach, and online marketing campaigns. As of December 2022, the venture has successfully facilitated over 84,000 clock-ins and outs on its platform across 39 companies in the SMME market, with usage growing at an average of 60% month-on-month. This demonstrates the increasing popularity and effectiveness of the product in meeting the needs of the target market.
Niven Poleman
“The Delta's team was tasked with solving an extremely broad task with a lean team and budget to execute. They designed an innovative solution in a market that is often neglected when it comes to building new and affordable solutions. WorkWeek is a success story for The Delta's venture building blueprint and proof of their capability to move from ideation to build to pivot to scale.”
Next steps
WorkWeek is now prepared to take the next step in its growth journey and establish itself as a standalone startup, ready to conquer the South African and African market. However, it will continue to rely on the valuable resources, guidance, and connections provided by The Delta as the team aims to take WorkWeek to new heights of success.

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