Enabling teams to automate their work, without a line of code.

The Delta was the dedicated building partner for this enterprise operations platform, supporting the venture from early ideation through to launch.
Enterprise SAAS
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Playbook is a central workspace for the automation of any everyday business operation involving multiple humans, applications, and data on a single platform. Building a leaner, smarter, and stronger organisation.

The problem
Playbook was co-founded by The Delta in 2021 after discovering an opportunity to solve the digitisation of knowledge and automation of processes within large-scale operations teams. The founders needed to validate the idea in order to start building the envisioned web application.
The solution

The Delta validated the venture concept through extensive enterprise and C-Suite research. We then designed and built an MVP for testing and refinement with three enterprise-level pilot clients. After sufficient validation, we expanded the MVP into a market-ready web application and developed a go-to-market strategy to access enterprise-level decision makers.

Since the initial launch of the MVP, Playbook has secured four enterprise pilot clients, and entered into a Sell-With alliance with Deloitte Legal, in Germany. They have achieved a pre-market ARR of over EUR 100,000 and have had a successful early funding round attracting top-tier angel investors.
Carel Chris van Dyk
Senior Product Manager
“Working with the Delta has been amazing. Their positive culture and dedication are contagious and have allowed us to scale our venture 10x within a record time.”
Next steps
Playbook launched with a refreshed brand identity and social media and press activity in June 2022. The venture is scaling via sales acquisition strategies and product development for several new clients on the platform. Our team is core to the execution of these targets.

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