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Website development


LORA is a German startup aiming to disrupt the dental health care industry. The team noticed that dental services in Germany are typically mundane and unpleasant for patients – treatments are avoided unless patients really have no other choice. Patients are tired of surprises, they want to learn more about their health, be in the driver's seat and understand what is going to happen. LORA is pursuing the opportunity for an enhanced digital patient journey leveraging the latest treatment technology, alongside in-studio holistic adjustments that make the overall client experience a pleasurable one.

The problem
The LORA team had a strong understanding of the industry and German market but were looking for a technical partner who could not only help them design, create and launch a product, but also help them scale and continuously enhance the digitised patient experience.
The solution

The Delta built a cloud-based website and web application that connected to LORA’s practice management system. We integrated features for scheduling and video consultation, and set up data analytics to track the customer experience and forecast the required customisations to improve the overall user journey.

With this solution, clients can schedule a visit either in the practice or via a video call in just a few taps. The LORA team obtains client health information prior to their arrival, and clients visit preferences – such as the flavour of polishing paste and podcast options – are also collected.

Since the opening of the studio and the launch of the V1 booking app LORA has seen an increase of their patient bookings and thus average revenue per patient. Patient feedback for LORA’s services has been very positive. The number of new patients has substantially increased to the point that LORA is looking to break even within the next few months.
Janik Hubka
Head of Operations and Platform, LORA
Working with The Delta has been a real pleasure so far. We really value their professional approach and execution of the solutions we are building. We are very happy with choosing The Delta to be our partner for development, as well as a sparring partner for new ideas. We are looking forward to what's ahead of us!
Next steps
The team now has their sights set on opening a second practice in Munich with a vision to have 10 studios across Germany by 2023. They’ve recently closed a €2.2million pre-seed round and are looking to receive another funding round this year.

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