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We became the development partner for the doctorly team, and helped them get their product from POC to market.
Berlin, Germany
Scope of work

Proof of concept

Web app development

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doctorly is a cloud-based operating system for medical practices, powering connected digital innovation from doctors to patients and the wider healthcare industry.

The problem
German healthcare services utilise highly regulated software with thousands of features. The core doctorly team needed to build a quality MVP and do it fast. They were in need of a team that could integrate seamlessly into their existing organisation, to work together remotely while maintaining high standards and velocity.
The solution

An interactive platform was built that allows for multiple medical service offerings, whilst meeting the strict regulations of the industry. doctorly was then rolled out to private and public medical practices in the German market. The product was scaled and, with user feedback, it now includes more services catered for medical practices. The doctorly team is onboarding new customers every month.

We helped the doctorly team get their product from POC to market. Our development and QA teams' involvement helped the venture reach their launch, with strong team bonds being built along the way. Since launching, the venture has secured funding from top-tier investors. Most recently securing a $10million Series A round in March of 2023.
Jörg Godau
"Culturally the two organisations are a great fit for each other with similar values and make up. Great communication, deep integration into our teams and tools are really key success factors.”
Next steps
We are continuing to work with doctorly to scale and expand their product offering in Germany. We are also supporting doctorly in expanding their South African workforce.

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